I wanted to change the world with words.

I used to ask my mum to take me to story contests. I enjoyed imagining and building up stories from just a word or a phrase. On a blank sheet of paper, I had no limits. Writing was also my personal doctor, as it gave me light in low moments in life. 

It was a hobby I used to ignore, because from writing you won’t live, they told me.

But growing up I decided to engrave other things in my head: everything is impossible until someone does it. 

I wanted to be a teacher to communicate whatever I learnt, I wanted to be an environmental activist because I couldn’t stand anymore seeing all of us acting without being conscious, I wanted to be a researcher in order to know how the natural world works…I wanted to be many things. But all of them had something in common: working towards a better world. I traveled to decide what to choose and I questioned myself, why do we have to be specialists in just one thing?

I decided not to put a label into what I wanted to create

And I founded JAMix, just a mix of things I like to do

  • Copywriting
  • Script writing
  • Content
  • In depth articles

They told me that one day I wouldn’t be able to surf that much due to the responsibilities and obligations from adulthood. But from being a high performance athlete, I got to know what a passion for a sport can do. And growing up I decided that in between all my responsibilities, there was going to be my time for surfing when and wherever I wanted, my time to be with friends and enjoy, taking the fuel needed for creativity and work.

Sport has the power to change the world. It has the power to inspire, to unite people. It is more powerful than governments in breaking down social barriers.

I do not doubt that Nelson Mandela was right. Maybe is due to the learning I took from sports, why now I feel free and responsible for my life, my time and my work.

Today I am here and I continue dreaming of a better and more fair world, but I am also acting to contribute to that. Because in order to restore that environment we talk about, to end hunger, wars, injustice, to end with economic greed, with violence, poverty, first we have to restore our own selves. Go back to being humans and be conscious about it. Robin Sharma once said that many of these problems are caused by people dissociated from their heart, locked up in their minds because no one taught them how to do things in a better way.

I write for people to open their eyes

I want the world to be back with fair communication, essence and humanity and I think that with words it is possible to achieve it. 

Paula Paz

Humans I worked with

Writing stories to be heard

Humans I worked with

Writing stories to be heard

...I wanted to change the world with words

Let’s make it happen. Start investing in fair communication. The best way to ‘gain customers’ is to treat them as humans. 

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