My freelance services

I want to help YOU and this world, through words and fair communication.

I traveled to figure out what to be and to do, and I questioned myself. 

Do we need to be specialists in one thing?

JAMix is a mix of things I like to do, it is who I am, Paula Paz, copywriter, storyteller and creative producer. I’m freelancer because is my way of having the freedom I want, organizing my time around tides, swells & friends. 

Today I bring you the languages I learnt so that your project can fly without barriers through countries that speak: Spanish, English, Galician, Portuguese or French.

I humanize stuff that inspire the world with their own essence, communicating with authenticy. I invest time, joy, energy and a great dose of curiosity. So if you want something fast, good luck, my friend. 

No excuses, let's change the world. I am here to help warriors, not victims. Or...victims that really want to become warriors.


Business ideas are great, your product is great, your service is great, but unless you connect with your customer, your business is dead.

In the digital world, you need words that humans can understand. You need to touch people’s minds & hearts.

I’m here for you. Build your website, e-commerce or landing page with persuasive texts and storytelling. Shall we do it?

  • Website copywriting
  • E-commerce
  • Landing pages

Don’t worry if you need the full pack, it is also available:

  • Web design + copywriting + web development 


Tell your own story or produce one to inspire the world to be a better place. Connect with humans through an audiovisual art piece. 

I write a script so it can be produced. A story that can shape people’s life, broaden horizons & bring cultures together.


Not available for Hollywood films. Avoiding TV adiction.

Full pack [under request]:

  • Production + filmmaking


Do you have a magazine? A newsletter? A blog? Do you want to offer premium content to your readers? 

Offer them accurate information, interviews to influencing  people in your niche, testimonies that are in lign with the text. Offer them a learning experience and create articles «in depth» that can add value to your products & services.

Shall we start with something more than just an article? Let’s dive deeper.


Take care of your customer throughout your blog and social media channels. 

Plan an editorial calendar. Be constant & do it with love.

  • Add value
  • Build trust
  • Care about people
Your customer is a human. I’m here to help you so you can schedule your time and not worry about updating your channels.
Let’s begin building better relationships.

JustAMix Podcast

When you can't read, or you simply want to let your eyes rest, you can listen. Listening is an art and it could be the answer that can help us restore the Planet.

Let's collaborate, not compete. I want to hear about you.

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