Maybe, if you’ve been in Indonesia, you could probably have met more than one local that was kind, respectful and open, without expecting many things in return. Probably, this has something to do with the Pancasila, the 5 principles that are part of their philosophy.

To many of us, the locals in Indonesia have always been helpful, kind and very welcoming to their lands and their country full of beauty. 

So today I am here because unfortunately, some things we can’t do alone and I need YOUR HELP for the story of a local indonesian family that has always welcomed many visitors with all their energy, smiles, love and hard work.

THIS is the story of Ketut, whose son is dying and only a costly treatment could save him to keep living and welcoming people to the beautiful Pererenan, next to Canggu, in Bali.


Hello, my dear friends.

My name is Ketut Parsika and my son is called Made Sudiarta. I am writing this letter in Bahasa (indonesian language) because I do not know how to write good english for you to understand. But one tourist friend that comes to our local bar offered to try to help me, and I am over the moon with this blessing to try to save my son’s life.

We are a family of three and we live in Pererenan Mengwi Badung, Bali, where we have a small local business that sells good drinks and food with hard work and lots of love.

But my son is sick. He has a very difficult and rare disease. He was born healthy, but when he was 10 years old, his skin-face started to change to a dark colour and a different texture. Everything grew more and more each day, so we went to the most famous hospital in Bali.

After 40 days in the hospital and many tests in his whole body, a scanner in his brain saw a really small tumor. The doctor told us he needed an urgent operation in his brain. We agreed, but the operation was cancelled due to a very high risk. One year of waiting, the tumor grew to the size of an egg. We waited 10 years and we give my son a treatment every month. And my son was doing ok. He was living life.

But now, seven months ago we had to cancel everything, the checks in the hospital and also the monthly medicine for my son because the coronavirus put us in a really bad situation.

There is no tourism so my local business is not doing well. But the worst is that I do not have money to pay for my son’s treatment to help him continue living this beautiful life.

We were in the hospital because my son was feeling really sick again. The doctor saw the tumor was even bigger. He told me again that it is a very difficult operation, really dangerous, and really expensive. 300.000.000 million Rp. The only solution then, is the monthly treatment, the doctor told me.

Some years ago, I experienced a similar situation with my father. A difficult operation took his life. And please, I do not want that for my son. I want to help him continue his life with the treatment, that is the other option and also really expensive… 

The treatment this time costs me 120.000.000 Rp/ year and is the only option I have…Each month I have to go to the hospital and pay. Please for some years, I am really forced to ask for some help…

I did borrow money from my family, friends and the bank. But at this point I do not have anything else, I do work but the money is so little with no tourism. This is very sad.

I would like to say to everyone…Please, help me. THANK YOU SO MUCH, AND BLESSING TO YOU ALL.

With love,

Ketut Parsika (1967)

My wife, Wayan Sujami (1972)

My son, Made Sudiarta (17 /01/ 1995)

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