Many times I do remember a message that once I listened to. It was from Gerry Lopez, and he said: no matter what, “keep paddling”.

As he describes, I try to apply this to everything in life. Even during our bad moments, we keep going.

Allow yourself to fall, but stay around the line

It is easy to fall on the way. We all do! And is good to fall, we see things from other perspective and we learn we can not be following a straight line all the time. It is natural to have ups & downs, following a line and allowing ourselves to walk around it.

Sometimes, those “downs” last longer than we expect, and it is okay. 

During those times, it is easy to think that nothing is working, that you are not worth it…It is easy to feel more lost than ever, easy to doubt yourself at every turn…

But please, keep going.

Do not allow those thoughts to grow.

Even when you think is useless, dream on.

Whatever it is that is happening to you right now, stay around the line 🙂 Because that line is your own dream and it is only yours.

Don´t worry. If you need to stop, stop. For a minute or for an hour. Allow yourself to fall and see things from other perspective.

Even when you may think that the situation is “useless”, your vision is getting wider.

There is something to learn from each moment in your life. Call that moment however you want to do it: your relaxing hour, a science lecture, a loss, the coffee with your friend, covid-19…

Do whatever you feel like doing. But, always & always listen and be with your eyes open. And if you can´t open them, open your senses. Touch, smell. Feel. But stay around your line. 

If you are reading this, maybe you are thinking about your “business”, you “personal” life… Whatever it is inside you. Just keep pushing. 

You are the only one that really knows where are you going and what you want. So never give up on your dreams.

The line is your path. The path is your life. And your life is yours and it is only one.

I am developing a new project. If you want to stay updated with my writings and the new things coming, just drop me a message here and I will take care of the rest 🙂

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