Today, instead of writing, I have something for you to listen to.

Let’s get back to life, let’s get back to love and let’s get back to enjoy this Planet as pure as it is… #BacktoLLE

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I am here to say thank you, to you all. 

I guess the beginning of a new year is a good time to reflect and have some perspective about things. And I just wanted to share a message that I’ve decided to make it public in order to empower and maybe help you push towards your goals and dreams.

I do a lot of research to study topics and write about things I consider worth spreading. I do stand up for a fair communication that can restore us all and therefore save this Planet. And I have to say thank you, I am really grateful to have found you all. But really. From people that I simply met, or people that I got to know through their online presence, people that I’ve volunteered with, worked with… 

I really wanna say thank you for being an example, for me and for many others.

I’ve found so many of you fighting and working towards something really worthy, for our health and the health of this Planet. So thank you, because I know, not always but, sometimes you can feel very little when you see that everything is going so fast, and everyone seems to be in a rush to get a profit. From fast fashion, fast food, fast media…and even all this greenwashing thing.

But I am here to tell you that I really appreciate the work you are doing.  Seriously.

So thank you for taking care of that little piece of soil in your backyard, thank you for finding new ways without using chemicals, thank you for helping that little guy to learn about nature, thank you for helping people to actually take time for themselves, for helping them to find direction in life, thank you for having the courage to stand up for something when nobody around you thought the same, thank you for studying science to try to understand a bit about how nature works and create gear that can be useful for us,humans, but that doesn’t hurt the planet…also thank you for joining efforts to create that local ngo to speak up for the rivers…anyway thank you for never giving up. And thank you for working on something you really believe in without thinking about endless economic growth. 

I am here to tell you that you can actually do this, since the first moment you start to think about it. We are the young generation of change makers. And we just have to keep doing to empower the next ones and show them that it is possible. Because we have hope and we know the smallest action is the one that really matters.

We know we have the power to create what we really want and that there are so many obstacles in our way, and that we fail once, twice and…we are grateful. Because we have a vision and we know what’s our mission here.

I am happy that owning is not a symbol of power anymore, but instead the real power is the one that can benefit others and the Planet. And I am also really happy that we are aware that we are just equal tiny pieces that are here serving just one superior figure and that we know that figure knows a lot more than we do: the Earth.

So please if you liked this message you can share it and who knows maybe we can empower more people like us to join this movement… BackToLife Back to enjoy, Back to love…Backtolovelifeandenjoy ·#BackToLLE

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